Macon United   Methodist Church

11964 Macon Highway, Clinton, Mi 49236

(Village of Macon) 

All Inclusive Community, everyone is Welcome

Join us for Sunday 9:30 am Worship Service.

Pastor: Reverend Michael Vollmer

Pastoral Care / Visits Contact: (734) 307-1661


Church email: 

church phone (517) 423-8270 



 Welcome Rev. Michael Vollmer to the Macon UMC. 

Rev. Michael first Sunday preaching / Worshiping with us at Macon UMC was July 3, 2022. 




Music (piano) has been provided by Beth DeJonge / Dan Meikle /. Thank You!


We now have internet thru D&P communications.  Log on at Macon UMC Guest, password is “macon2020”

about us



Macon United Methodist Church is a small, rural, friendly church nestled between Tecumseh, Clinton and Saline.   The Church is Barrier free and we are all inclusive extending a warm welcome to all.


Visit the Christian Book Library.  The library is located in the upstairs hall across from the Pastor’s office.



You are welcome to come in during office hours

(Tuesday and Thursday from 9am until 12:00 noon).  It is best to verify someone will be there, during office hours,  by email or call ahead as these hours are subject to change due to visitation and other commitments. Also on Sunday before or after Worship Service.  Contact us for an appointment to visit the library at a different time. 







Many selections, use the card file to sign out a book and check it back in when the book is returned. 

Three books by John C. Maxwell donated today 10/12/2020 












 Above picture is of a different church that was in Macon in 1868. 

The Macon Methodist Episcopal Church was founded in 1831 when members met in the homes of the local people. Joseph Bangs was the preacher, and also a farmer and blacksmith. In 1833 the local Macon Methodist “class” was placed on the Tecumseh Circuit along with Clinton, Tipton,  Ridgeway, and others.  The original church building was constructed in 1868.  Macon was a member of  various circuits until about 1956. It was extensively remodeled in 1916 and 1968, and the classroom addition was also built in 1968. In 1969 the Macon Methodist Episcopal Church formally become the Macon United Methodist Church.





Missions – Evangelism

Spencer Ruffner (Evangelism Chair)

North East Lenawee CROP will take place the first Sunday each October beginning at 1:00 PM at the north entrance of Tecumseh High School. 

Current and Prior sponsors, Churches and Organizations:

Jennette and Tom Meyer, Martin Home Center, Edward Jones (Mark R. Vernon), Mike and Colleen Sunderland, Macon United Methodist Church, Bell Ford (Beth Noden), Kiwanis Club of Tecumseh,  Carpet on Wheels, Schmidt and Sons Pharmacy,  Allstate (Martin Swindle).


Clinton United Church of Christ, First Presbyterian Church, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, St Alphonsus Alter Society, Tecumseh Methodist Church, Sand Creek Community Church.

11/17/2022 a check in the amount of  $491.37 was sent to the Tecumseh Service Club. This is based on 25% of the North east Lenawee CROP Walk that raised $1,965.46.

We hope to double this amount in 2023. 

Thank to all that contributed!


Missions (general)

Sharon Scott (Mission Chair)


South East Michigan Migrant Resource Council (SEMMRC) has been working to provide Internet connections for Migrant Farm Workers at Five Farms in Southeastern Michigan. This will enable our migrant workers to connect with doctors, legal assistants and their families while they are in Lenawee and Monroe Counties working. This means installing Super Pods at the Farms where multiple people can have access at the same time.

The Macon UMC has been represented on the Migrant Council by the Mission Committee for over five years and participated in their work.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 This Fall, two sites, Witt and Iott Farms were installed and everything is up and running (techs provided the passwords after the installs to each of the groups). We have a note on the accounts to suspend the service on December 1st 2020. The migrant workers only need the service for 8 months of the year. D & P Communications are providing this service. SEMMRC has provided the financing for this Fall. Their goal is to provide the installation and services for these two camps next year and add installation and services for three more camps next year. This will amount to about $10,000.

The group Washtenaw Solidarity with Farm Workers will be doing the fund raising along with SEMMRC for this work for next year. After that we hope it will be self- supporting. In the future the Mission Committee may suggest donating to this project.

Update from Sharon Scott 11-11-2020 

The South-East Michigan Migrant Resource Council (SEMMRC) has
provided an Internet connection for two Migrant Camps in Lenawee County this
year by furnishing a Super-hub at the Camp.  Next year we want to connect
3 more camps and provide the service for all of the camps.  Washtenaw Solidarity
for Farm Workers has partnered with SEMMRC to fund raise for this project.
They have a connection for donating on the Internet, if anyone would like to
contribute. Our Macon Church is a member of SEMMRC.  Link: 



From Sharon Scott (Mission Chair)

The UMC has been having scheduled meetings with missionaries once a week. The missionaries are from all over the world and it is very interesting to be a part of the Zoom meetings. Anyone can attend. There is usually a choice of 4 missionaries to pick from and listen to. Contact Sharon Scott “sascott2@comcast.netto be included in the Zoom Meeting or get involved.

To see more about Global Missions go to the following link:

From Spencer Ruffner, I attended a mission meeting on November 5, 2020 see the following link.  Deirdre Zimmerman – Missions Nepal



———————————-Macon Little Library

At Macon United Methodist Church.

Take a book and bring it 

This Library is provided by the Macon United Methodist Church back or replace it with another book. 

This Little Library was built by Ed Clark and painted by Julie Hewlett. It is modeled after the: Richart Wagon, Farm Implement, and Repair Shop that stood in Macon on the NW corner of Clinton Macon Rd. & Ford rd.

This Wagon Shop is now in Greenfield Village. 





“Teach your children to choose the right path, and when they are older, they will remain upon it.”

Proverbs 22:6 (New Living Translation) 



Richart Wagon, Farm Implement, and Repair Shop that stood in Macon on the NW corner of Clinton Macon Rd. & Ford rd.

Little Library built by Ed Clark and painted by Julie Hewlett 

Take a book and bring it back or replace it with another book.